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Data Synchronization Software

Database Operation and Maintenance Services

Focus on data services, sharing your wisdom.

Database Products >

HighGo DB regards the most advanced open source database in the world-PostgreSQL as core,integrated easy to learn and to use management interface and auxiliary tools to ensure the stability and simplicity of the product.

Data Synchronization Software >

Data synchronization software manages data synchronization and replication throuhgh an easy to use Graphical User Interface(GUI),and supports for log-based change data capture out of multiple sources and many targets,including HDFS.

Database Operation and Maintenance Services >

Due to unexpected factors Oracle production database dose not work,we have to minimize the cost of database recovery,to minimize the negative impact of failures on the client's business environment,as well as record the recovery process.

HighGo 10 Years

Highgo Software with more than 10 years of experience in database integrated services cultivated tens of millions of users in the country. At present the products have been widely used in critical healthcare system, large enterprises, education, government and many other industries in the sector, won the praise of users and experts.

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Company Profile

HighGo is a database software products and services provider leading in the country. HighGo was established in 2005, and headquarters is located in Jinan, has branches and offices in Province Beijing, Xi’an, Qingdao and other places.HighGo signed an agreement with Regus in 2016.The address of HighGo in America is: 2018 156th Avenue,N.E. Suite 100 Bellevue,WA 98007

Cloud Computing

Big Data

Information Security

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Provide the professional DB products, DB management tools and DB operation and maintenance services.

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To obtain HighGo white papers, technical documentation and PostgreSQL Chinese related documents.

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Download HighGo Database and Synchronization Software.

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